The HTR STEAM Mission

Now HTR Restores Education Through STEAM-ON-STAGE

                      STEAM-ON-STAGE Helps Make My STEM Career Possible

Hi, I’m Dorothy Jones, the Executive Director of the non-profit owner of The Howard Theatre. Howard Theatre is one of the oldest and most legendary theaters in America.

It was the first theater founded, run, and performed by African Americans for African Americans in 1910.

It went dark in the 70”s but now its back and with packed performances almost every night from top entertainer from all over the country.

But its mission now is more than entertainment on stage to advance college career choices in STEAM fields.

The Howard Theatre and its STEAM ON STAGE campaign is about the education of a community, a generation, and a national.

STEAM Education is the key to restoring peak performance all children at schools and at home. The seeds are planted in grade school but made a reality from college and beyond. College is where HTR’s mission is focused.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, and Mathematics.

And yes, The Howard Theatre entertains America but it also educates the community about where we have been, the lessons we have learned, and where we must go to prepare the next generation for a changing world at record speed.

HTR knows The Arts are the key to increased creativity, and creativity is an essential component of innovation, and innovation is necessary to create competitive industries and a brighter economic future for all.

When you add the Arts to the STEM disciplines magical things being to happen to your Childs future.

Join me in supporting The Howard Theatre in its campaign for STEAM ON STAGE.

Howard Theatre Restoration… Restoring the Arts to Empower Education.